Project Approach:
Even though creativity and innovation are a huge part of what we bring to a project SBJA is dedicated to being your architect, listening and responding to your ideas and trying to understand your visions of how you want your project to be realized.
Too many times designers want to impose their styles onto the customer but at SBJA we strive to utilize our experience and computer generated 3D imagery to compliment and strengthen the customer's vision. These tools help bring your thoughts into a virtual reality allowing us to analyze and discuss in a team approach.
Consultation Visit:
Mr Jones will visit the site discuss and review the customer's project needs and ideas, assess the scope of the project and offer some very preliminary observations to the customer at that time.
Fee Development:
After this initial site visit SBJA will assess the scope of the project and develop a fee proposal for the customer to review.
Fees are presented in a "menu" or phased format so each step is itemized. This is to allow design services costs to be kept to a minimum so the customer only request what thy feel like they need at that time.
This ensures that no more services have to be contracted for than are absolutley necessary to get to the next step.
Project Phases:
+ Site Analysis - Look at land and/or your existing building(s) or home then photograph, field measure/document all existing conditions, input into CAD System.
+ Code & Zoning Analysis - look at use classification and what Federal, State, Local Zoning and Fire Codes will apply to the project
+ Preliminary Design - after taking all input from the customer including ideas, visions, magazine photographs or customer sketches, visiting other similar projects, etc SBJA will create 2 or 3 design schemes that are viable, creative solutions for the project.
+ Design Development 1 - after reviewing and discussing the different schemes with the customer and receiving their input as to the likes and dislikes of the preliminary schemes, SBJA will go back to the drawing boards and refine the preliminary designs into a much more detailed and developed design solution.
+ Design Development 2 - SBJA will present this more developed scheme to the customer and again discuss it in even more detail. From this meeting an even more refined scheme will emerge that will usually prove to be very close to the final design that will eventually move us into the construction documentation phase.
+ Construction Documents - preparation of detailed construction drawings and engineering drawings as necessary for City code review, obtaining contractor bids, obtaining building permits, specification of finish materials, special fixtures and equipment.
+ Construction Strategies - assist in identifying qualified contractors, evaulating their bids, negotiating with the low bidder if necessary and monitoring construction progress and contractor payments.
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